The New Buddleja Year

1st January 2022

Another year begins in The Buddleja Garden. There's never much happening in the bleak midwinter, so I thought I would mention a project with which I've been involved. Trees and Shrubs Online (TSO), managed by the International Dendrology Society and sponsored by the John Spedan Lewis Foundation, is an online resource cataloguing and describing the woody plants grown in temperate gardens, parks, arboretums and so forth. It's a monumental undertaking, and has much to live up to as the online successor to the revered Bean's Tree and Shrubs.

I was rather honoured to be asked to contribute the Buddleja pages. The job is almost complete and the Buddleja pages can now be found via the Buddleja Genus page. There's still a little way to go, for example I've yet to properly systematise and describe the new dwarf hybrids.

Please do have a look, both at the Buddleja pages and the rest of the site. When complete, I don't think there will a single reference work on the internet, or in print for that matter, that will come close to Trees and Shrubs Online, which aims to be up-to-date, meticulous and comprehensive.

Trees and Shrubs Online Logo

The antique illustration, just for decoration, is one of my favourites: Buddleja x intermedia, a hybrid of B. lindleyana and B. japonica, raised in France many years ago.

Buddleja x intermedia

An illustration of Buddleja x intermedia
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