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What is The Buddleja Garden?

The Buddleja Garden is a website devoted to the genus Buddleja and exists for the benefit of those who wish to grow these exquisite shrubs. It is privately owned and not affiliated to any of the advertisers or companies mentioned in the links.

I would, however, like to acknowledge Andrew Bullock at The Lavender Garden for all his help, advice and sharing of plants from his extensive collection. I would like to also thank Peter Moore of the Longstock Nursery for his generosity.

The website is currently in the process of being updated. Some pages are responsive and some are not, and some menus may be outdated. Please be patient - I will update most pages eventially. Much of the content is image heavy, and I try to use a relatively high resolution for these images, which may affect download times. I believe it is worth the time, as nothing is worse than postage stamp images too small to tell you anything.

How do I leave Feedback?

You can leave comments, tag photos etc. via The Buddleja Garden's Facebook Page.

I also welcome e-mails about Buddlejas: questions, suggestions and new information.

Copyright and Permissions

The content of this website remains my intellectual property (unless otherwise indicated as somebody else's work); text and photos cannot be reproduced without my permission, and then only if acknowledged. If you want to quote me or use a photo please contact me first.

Privacy Policy and Advertising

The ePrivacy Directive requires all websites from which you may receive a tracking cookie to declare the fact.

The banner advertising is through Affiliate Window (excluding Amazon UK). If you click on these you will receive a small, harmless cookie that tells the merchant that it is The Buddleja Garden that has referred you to their site. If you then purchase anything The Buddleja Garden receives a small commission. You should still be able to use any discount codes such as those from Gardeners' World Magazine. Affiliate Window has provided some general information on the cookies (click here) they use.

The same principle applies to the Amazon UK link.

Please go to the above sites if you need more information.

Webspace isn't free and I would ask that if you are purchasing from the advertisers then please go through my links as this will help offset the cost of maintaining this website, especially if you have found it interesting or useful.

Does The Buddleja Garden Sell Plants?

The Buddleja Garden is not a commercial nursery and is currently only the website based on my private garden. However, I do have sometimes have plants for sale and will propagate on demand where I can (excluding those cultivars with PBR protection). I will always help source a specific plant you may be after. Let me know what you are looking for.

I would add my new cultivars are shown for information only and are not for sale at present.

However, Plant Passport regulations mean I cannot post or otherwise send living plants, so they would have to be collected in person from west Birmingham. I am regsitered as a 'plant professional', but do not have the authority to issue plant passports. See the current regulations from



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