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These pages have been prepared to celebrate the contribution of Hamer Guitars USA to the developement and improvement of the modern electric guitar and bass. I have made no attempt at writing a history of Hamer Guitars, rather I have prefered to concentrate on the guitars themselves. Much of the early history can, however, be found in the Sunburst and Standard articles.

The Model Lists are for the USA guitars only. I have not concerned myself at all with any of the instruments made in Korea :- Hamer Slammer Series, Imports Series or Slammers. You will not find any information, nor any advertisement reproduced with these guitars.

With the exception of the Catalogues and Advertisements, these pages are my own original work. The wallpapers are mostly designed by me using Hamer's own logos. I have used a large number of backgrounds to add variety.

The Best Way to View These Pages

The material is mostly in Hypertext format with a few files in PDF format, and can be read using any web-browser. Microsoft Internet Explorer gives very slightly better resolution, but Netscape is perfectly suited to the task. The format used is as simple as possible so you won't need the latest browser. I have avoided using Frames or other refinements to improve the download time. Most pages will load in seconds with even the most basic system and CDrom drive.

All of the pages with text are designed to be viewed with the video resolution set to 800X600 pixels; however, some of the very large images will more than fill the screen at this setting and I recommend that for viewing these it is reset temporarily to a higher resolution. I would suggest using a small size font; this is set by the browser (i.e.: you chose the font) as I have not specified a font for any of the pages. 32-bit true colour is recommended although 16-bit is okay. It may be advisable to adjust the colour, constrast and brightness controls on your monitor to get the best appearance. Where available, the full-screen option looks best.

Navigation is simple, just follow the links, all the files reside in a single directory. Sometimes it is advisable to use your "BACK" button on the browser, as a link back to the previous page may not be present. This especially applies to the large IMAGES, which are jpegs rather than html files.

The scans (mostly in the jpeg format) of catalogues and photographs are from many sources, therefore I can not always control the quality of the image. You will notice that the quality does vary, but I felt it was better to include as much material as possible.

Some items are taken from Kaman's own Hamer Pages but these have been modified to conform to my prefered format.

Acknowledgments, Credits and Thanks

I would especially like to thank Jol Dantzig, Frank Untermyer and Frank Rindone at Hamer Guitars for their help and the material they have provided.

I would also like to thank Peter Fung, Steve Matthes, Ted Martin (and all who have contributed to the Hamer Fan Club), Howard Simcox, Cary Bryant, Linsey Myers and Barry Gierloff, Len Blacknell, Gareth Edwards (for the loan of a scanner), and several others for providing photographs of some of the guitars and catalogues shown.

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