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    New Variegated Buddleja

    Posted 20th January 2020

    There have been quite a few new Buddlejas in the past few years, but here's one from Thompson and Morgan that's a little different. Butterfly Gold is a Buddleja davidii cultivar with cream-yellow and green variegated foliage. I saw small plants of this variety at last year's Horticultural Trades Association National Show, the foliage was quite striking. The flowers, which I didn't see, are reported to be a violet-purple. The ultimate size of the mature plant should be around 2 metres by 1.5 metres a medium-sized shrub.

    Superficially, Butterfly Gold looks very similar to both Florence (syn.:Variegata) and Burncross, sharing the uninspiring flower colour and the variegation type, with all three having similar wide cream-coloured edges to the leaves. Florence has a poor spreading growth habit, becoming a rather lax and sparse shrub. Burncross is smaller and neater, with very pretty foliage, but its flower-panicles are short and it's also a nightmare to propagate this latter feature could be why Burncross hasn't really caught on. Butterfly Gold certainly promises to improve on the older varieties, and the publicity photos suggest this cultivar is a denser, more robust plant. Time will tell whether or not this is in fact an improved variegated Buddleja.

    Photos coutesy of Thompson & Morgan.

    B. alternifolia

    Buddleja alternifolia
    Buddleja x intermedia

    B. intermedia

    B. japonica

    Buddleja japonica
    Buddleja sessiliflora (as Buddleja verticillata)

    B. sessiliflora

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