Hamer Explorer, Firebird and Vee Styled Guitars

Blitz Guitar (1st version) (1982 - 1984) - Explorer style body, 3-a-side peghead, dot inlays and 22 frets on a 24.75 inch scale length. Fitted with two humbuckers (Hamer Slammers) and a choice of Sustain Block tremolo or Sustain Block fixed bridge. Later guitars (late 1983 onwards) often have locking Kahler Flat Mount trem.. A few examples have flame maple tops.

Blitz Guitar (2nd version) (1984 - 1990) - Details as above but with a steeply angled six-on-a-side peghead and usually fitted with Floyd Rose trem.. Guitars 1986 onwards have 24-frets.

More details about the Blitz can be found on Page 3 of theStandard Article

FB Series (1984 - 87) - FB II has reversed Firebird body-styling, 24-fret glued-in neck (24.75 inch scale) with ebony board and boomerang inlays and steeply angled peghead. Hardware includes two humbuckers (OBL or Hamer) and Floyd Rose trem.. FB I is a stripped-down version with one pickup, reverse headstock (not angled) and a rosewood board/dot inlays often non-trem.. Also rare non-reverse body versions.

Rick Nielsen Limited Edition (c1998) - An all-korina guitar that is, to some extent at least, a replica of the 1950s Gibson Futura. The body shape is slightly different to the explorer and the headstock is a distinctive split-vee design. The hardware consists of a stop tail-piece and tune-o-matic bridge and two covered Seymour Duncan humbuckers. A white scratchplate with a Rick Nielsen logo is usually fitted.

Scarab (1984 - 1987) - Original shape multiple cutaway angular body with 22-fret neck (24.75 inch scale) and six-on-a-side peghead. The fingerboard can be rosewood or ebony and has dot, crown or LED fret markers. The Scarab II has two Hamer Slammer humbuckers; the Scarab I has a single humbucker and a small scratch plate. Usually fitted with Kahler Flat Mount trem. but other bridge systems also used, especially Floyd-Rose on later guitars. A few Scarabs have a steeply angled and bevelled six-on-a-side peghead (similar to the Scepter, see below)

Scepter (1985 - 1990) - Updated version of the Blitz with a sharply bevelled and more angular body and ebony fingerboard with boomerang inlays; otherwise details as for latest version of Blitz Guitar. Usually finished with two contrasting colours, often black with red edges. Earliest version has 22 rather than 24 frets.

Scepter V (1985 - 1986) - Vee-shaped version of the Scepter with a bevelled angular body and ebony fingerboard with boomerang inlays; otherwise details as for Scepter.

Standard (1974 - 1985 and 1995 - date) - Explorer-style bound body with flame maple top (also unbound bodied guitars and opaque finishes), glued-in neck with 22-frets (24.75 inch scale), steeply angled peghead (scimitar) and either unbound neck with dot inlays or bound neck with crown inlays; a few guitars have ebony boards and block inlays. The guitar has a tune-o-matic type bridge, stop tailpiece (although sustain block bridges were used on a few gutars) and two humbuckers, usually DiMarzio PAFs.. Tuners also changed from Grovers to Schallers around 1979. Reissued in 1995. A limited number of Korina Standards has also been produced (1995 - 1996), with details such as covered pickups and vintage style pickguard / scratchplate. From 1997 the most basic Standard has solid unbound mahogany body and scratchplate.

A few 3/4 size Standards were also built from 1978-1982. Non-production vee-shaped guitars (1977 - 1981) were built that conform in all details to the original Standard including an explorer-syle headstock.

More details can be found in the Standard Article

Vector (1981 - 1985) - Vee-shaped body (with optional flame maple top) with 22-fret neck (24.75 inch scale length), Hamer three-a-side peghead with engraved truss-rod cover (see right), rosewood fingerboard and dot inlays. The two humbuckers are DiMarzio PAFs on early guitars and later replaced by Hamer Slammers. Most have a Sustain Block fixed bridge but Sustain Block, Kahler or Floyd Rose trems. may also be fitted.

See the 1981 Vector Flyer

Vector KK (1984 - 1987) - Similar to the Vector but has a single humbucker, small scratch plate, Kahler Flat Mount trem. and a pointed three-a-side peghead (see below).

A few two humbucker guitars with the same style headstock were also made without a scratchplate and Floyd Rose is often fitted to these guitars (see left). These guitars are late Vectors.

Vector Korina Limited Edition (c1997) - Similar to the Vector but made from korina and essentially a replica of the fifties Gibson original Flying Vee. Two humbuckers, scratchplate and pointed three-a-side headstock with 'Tulip-button' machineheads. Later became a production model (2004 onwards).

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